Cristiano Ronaldo is on top of the soccer world.

Whether you think it’s Ronaldo or Lionel Messi as the best soccer player on the planet—although, as Ronaldo’s Instagram proves, there’s no one more shredded, at least—at this moment it’s hard to argue that anyone else in the sport is having a better run than Ronaldo.

Since leading Real Madrid to the UEFA Champions League title in 2015-16, Ronaldo has had a 365-day run unlike any other. On top of winning multiple major tournaments—including the European Championship and the Champions League—Ronaldo also took home the biggest individual trophy in soccer, the Ballon d’Or (and he could win that again for his amazing 2016-17 run.).

Even though Ronaldo has accomplished plenty over the last year, it appears he’s ready for more: The Confederations Cup starts on June 17, and it’s one of the major trophies Ronaldo has yet to get his hands on (the World Cup will have to wait until next year).

Here’s a look at the unbelievable year from Ronaldo.

(Editor’s note: All stats mentioned are as of June 5, 2017)