The air is cooling down (yes, even in Miami) and that means a lot of us are dusting off old jackets and boots from last winter to see if we can revive them for this year's outfits. And rightly so: There's a good chance the classic leather jacket that got you through the spring will do you proud this year, too.

But if what lies beneath the dust is a little more dilapidated than you remembered when you put it away—looking at you, "ironically ugly" sweater—maybe it’s time to invest in a few key pieces that'll get you through next spring (and, if you do it right, next fall, and a few years after).

That's the power of a few key wardrobe staples: Whether you're dashing to the gym in breathable joggers or sporting sneakers that literally go with everything, these 10 pieces can easily hold their own—and maybe even make that old sweater look pretty damn good. Unironically, of course.