Now that it's fall, the days of just wearing your button-up to work—or your favorite name-brand T-shirt when you take a fine lady out on a date—are temporarily over. The upside? It’s time to add another layer to your dashing fit.

But just because there's a chill in the mornings doesn't mean you have to throw on a huge parka with several sweaters underneath. The fall season is all about colors and style. For some people it’s your last chance before winter to show off your personal style flavor before it gets too nippy out. Because once that temperature starts getting disrespectfully cold, the main priority becomes staying warm as opposed to looking fashionable. (Unless you live in California or Florida or something—and if you do, then a bomber jacket is all you need.)

Point is: You’re going to need a jacket that will pop, but keep you warm at the same time. Something you can wear with a button-up shirt and tie, or just a plain T-shirt. Something that will complement joggers, jeans, and chinos. You want a bomb-looking jacket this fall. In fact, to be a little more specific, you need a bomber jacket.

Take a breeze through our top trendy bombers of fall 2017.