A blazer is something every guy should have hanging up in his closet. Ideally, every guy would also have a second blazer stashed at the office for those last-minute important meetings. It’s a staple style piece that will work year-round and is so versatile it will look sharp with virtually anything you pair it with. Plus, its tailored silhouette lends a masculine appeal to your upper half.

Here's how to style it up, depending on the occasion:

*If you need a professional vibe, wear it with a tie.
*If you’re looking for a business-casual twist, throw on a t-shirt underneath.
*If you want something classic, layer it over a turtle neck.
*If you want something sporty, go for a zippered hoodie and some laid-back kicks.

To get a visual idea, check out our style guide on 5 ways to style a blazer. And when it comes to color, stick to a classic navy hue—the timeless tone pairs perfectly with every other color in the spectrum and can pass in a casual or formal setting.

Now that you know how to style the wardobe staple, we gathered the 15 best blazers to help you get the look. If you need a temporary piece or a secondary option to keep at work, we have low-budget options for under $100 that will get the job done. Other styles are a bit pricey, but they’re so well-crafted it’s the only one you’ll ever have to buy.