Bomber jackets—or "flight" jackets—have a bit of history to them. They were originally designed during the WWI-era to keep pilots warm when flying against the freezing winds in a non-enclosed cockpit. Fast forward to now, and the bomber jacket has evolved into one of the most badass fashion statements a guy could sport. (Proof on the following slides.)

The classic jacket can be distinguished from any other piece of outerwear by its silhouette—which typically boasts a ribbed hem, cuffs, and collar with an ever-so-subtle puffy body and a shortened torso that naturally elicits a tough appeal. But now, there are tons of brands injecting modern-day twists on this classic piece—like clean and edgy designs, bold colorways, and fine embellishments—that make the selection more varied than ever before. It's the perfect fall fashion item you need in your closet before the summer temps sink.  

So to keep your look fresher than ever, we rounded up the 20 most stylish bomber jackets for men on the market. Some styles are sleek and minimal while others are vintage-inspired, but most importantly, all of them are the epitome of badass—so you can look just as cool as Tom Cruise did in Top Gun. You just might want to wear yours with a pair of these boss shades, too.