First dates can be tricky because, well, it basically makes or breaks your chances of moving forward with that cute new girl. But as long as you avoid saying these things, and start the conversation with these things, then we'll help you nail the other important part of a first date: your attire. Because, while much of what you say is important, your appearance is key to impressing her long before you even speak.

First dates typically happen in one of three settings: a daytime environment (like a casual coffee), an evening scene (like a formal dinner), or a late-night setting (like drinks at a bar). So, we pulled together three looks to wear on each occasion. But, this guide goes a step beyond the traditional “safe” looks that you’ll see on any occasion. Here, we found the most stylish yet still approachable pieces you’ll need to seriously impress her.

You can count on the following three outfits to land you that second date—and more.