If the only thing your watch is capable of doing is telling you the time then you're seriously missing out.

These days, if your watch doesn't include fancy functions like tracking steps, calories, and notifying you of new texts and when it's time to stand up, it's almost not worth wearing.  And despite the recent rise of stylish smart watches hitting the market, there's still one small problem—in some: They're not all that versatile style-wise. Sure, they look cool at the gym and maybe even when you're in a low-key social setting. But what if you need to dress up or even rock a suit? Some smartwatches allow you to swap out the strap from silicone to leather so you can take your timepiece from the gym to a corporate job or upscale event—without losing all of the activity you just earned.

While some smartwatches have always had the swap-out-the-strap option (Apple) others have just jumped on the trend (Michael Kors) giving you more of a selection than ever to personalize your look. From Fitbit to Michael Kors to Fossil and more, here are the six of the best smartwatches that have both leather and silicone interchangeable bands.