For a long time, stylish shoes were meant to be strictly for show, while gym shoes were basically just sweat-friendly clodhoppers consigned to dirt and dinginess.

Thankfully, that's no longer the case.

These days, training shoes are getting more stylish, and thanks to new top-of-the-line materials, stylish shoes are becoming more workout-friendly. Not every training shoe can keep up with an ass-kicking CrossFit workout, a weightlifting session, or a tough circuit workout, but with the right minimalist profile, stable construction, and rubber sole, a few style-conscious trainers can make the cut.

So grab your favorite sweat-wicking T-shirt and slip on one of these pairs of wear-everywhere sneakers. You can walk (or run) out of the office, get into the gym, then jet off to dinner without missing a step. (You don't even have to shower.)