If you’re a procrastinator, be ready to ask yourself the same question from now until the holidays: “What am I going to buy people?” And we get it: Picking the perfect gift is never easy.

So in an effort to simplify your life, allow us to make a bulletproof case for a new pair of sneakers as an ideal gift (for you or someone else) this holiday season. For the sake of practicality, imagine how many more wears you’ll be able to squeeze out of pair of sneakers compared to a knitted sweatshirt that’s bound to unravel after a few wears and washes.

Sneakers have transformed over the last decade—from something you just put on your feet to a personal statement that can either accentuate or totally define your outfit.

Here, we’ve curated an excellent array of choices that will fit sporty, luxury, and cozy aesthetics with ease. Take a spin through our gallery to solve your footwear woes as the holidays knock on your door.