Remember that commercial where a bunch of attractive twentysomethings danced, sang, and tried to sell you Gap jeans? Or the one where little girls chanted about comfy sweaters and boots, begging their moms to let them wear Gap Kids for the holidays? If you somewhat recall either of those, what we're about to say will make you feel old–the retailer hasn’t even released a new TV ad in four years.

Now, Gap is making a triumphant return to the small screen with a brand new batch of commercials, which help promote its fall campaign, Back to Blue. Hitting the airwaves this week, the two placements star the adult children of music royalty–George Harrison's son Dhani Harrison, and Alexa Ray Joel, Billy Joel’s daughter. Each was filmed wearing Gap denim while playing instruments and singing songs written by their famous dads (Joel sings her own rendition of “Just the Way You Are,” while Harrison opts for “For You Blue,” from the Beatles album Let It Be).

Surprisingly, each commercial was shot in just one take, making it clear that talent runs in both families and that these kids are headed for big things. The clothes don’t look bad either. If you're curious to see the  results and haven't caught them between your favorite TV shows, now's your chance to watch: