If you’re 36 or younger and still struggling with your fashion sense, you’re not alone.

Before age 37, a new survey says, 23% of men say they don’t know what looks good on them, compared with just 8% of dudes 37 or over. Of the under-37s, 27% also keep clothing until it falls apart in fear of trying to replace it, and 17% find shopping so heinous they'll grab just about anything off a rack just to keep the trip short.

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The survey didn’t examine what “clicks” in a guy’s 37th year to make such a difference, but it did identify several traits style-confident guys had in common:

Size Matters

Know what size you are—for everything.

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Pay the high price

Opt for quality over quantity every time.

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Stay the course

Find a style that looks good and stick with it.

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Find a brand

Identify a fail-safe brand that works for you.

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Stick with your gut

Make clothing decisions without asking for advice. Trust your instincts, man.

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