Years ago, the only purpose of a pair of sweatpants was to keep you comfy as you cracked open a beer after a long day at work. Fast-forward to 2016, though, and you get the jogger, one of the most ascendant fashion statements of the last decade.


And we’re not complaining. In fact, the jogger is one of the best style upgrades to hit mankind—especially the fitness-focused among us. That's because nearly all joggers boast an elastic cuff and waistband with a loose body, a spacious crotch area that supports your movements, and knit material that’s comfortable to the touch. (So yeah: Give your jeans a break).

Even better: The jogger's unstoppable rise has compelled brands to upgrade their designs down to every detail, making the standard black sweatpant look like a measly option for schlubby guys who just want to blend in. For the upcoming season, we're seeing joggers consisting of well-placed patterns—like a sporty, track pant-esque stripe running either down the leg, along the cuffs, across the thigh, or wrapped around the ankle. We're also noticing sharp colorblock displays, which feature striking contrasts of color like black and yellow. Other models feature unconventional shades like brown, olive green, and cobalt blue—hues that are at an all-time high for fall. But the best part? You'll feel like you're wearing sweatpants, but without looking like you just came from the gym.

To keep you looking cool and current, we dug through the latest fashion offerings and picked our 20 favorite pairs of joggers for men to add to their rotations. Pair them with kicks and a t-shirt, or go luxe with a blazer and boots—anything goes.