In winter, it can be tough to find a shoe that stands up to the elements while lookin great in any setting. Sure, cold-weather boots keep you dry, but they lack comfort and style, while their minimal sneaker counterparts don't stand a chance in winter weather.

But there's one shoe that can solve all of your problems this season: the sneakerboot. As the name implies, these hybrids mirror the silhouette and comfort of a sneaker but has all the properties to withstand harsh winter weather like a boot can. You can count on their water-repellent materials and high-cut collar to keep you warm and dry, while their sturdy, solid rubber outsoles will deliver excellent traction and durability on slippery surfaces. And, of course, their soft, cushioned insole will ensure superior comfort. Tons of brands from Vans to Nike have been coming up with unique designs, making the sneakerboot selection more varied—and not to mention more stylish—than ever.

We rounded up the seven best models on the market right now, so you can take on the outdoors (or just get to the office) in weatherproof style.