Whether you’re suiting up for a wedding, getting out for the last motorcycle cruise of the season, or just looking for a better way to dress up your jeans-and-a-t-shirt uniform, there’s one easy way to step up your style: slip on a pair of boots.

And sure, we guess you could always pick up another pair of regular old oxfords. But you know where that’ll get you? Right where you already are.

(We’re not talking about hiking boots, though. You wanna conquer a trail, go try on a few of these light hikers. Or these trail running shoes.)

We’re talking about boots made to wear around town, the kind of hard-wearing footwear that’ll kick-start a Triumph, kick up your outfit, and kick open a party—and look damn good in the process.

From handmade American classics with decades of heritage to the latest in urbane streetwear, here are our picks for the go-to boots of fall 2017.