If you're into working out, chances are you're really into your workout gear. Everything from tops, bottoms, shoes, socks, and even compression. It's comfortable and functional. And even if you only work out because you know you should , you're still probably keen on the "workout look." Don't believe us that it's a "thing?" According to a Wall Street Journal report, the apparel industry calls it "Athleisure—a bright spot in a sluggish business thanks to Americans who are increasingly donning sneakers in the boardroom and yoga pants at brunch."

And one new brand is all over the trend.

QOR, which recently launched last week (QORKit.com) with an extensive line of about 70 performance pieces designed for the athletic, adventure-seeking man that also leads a professional, well-put-together life. Whether you commute to work, train outdoors, or you just want practical, functional clothing with fashion-forward or office-appropriate style—QOR has you covered.

Here are three complete looks we love from their launch: THE URBAN KIT, THE ACTIVE COMMUTER, and THE GYM KIT.