With the infusion of 90’s inspiration throughout music, marketing, and men’s fashion, it is no surprise that any brand authentically born in the era is reverting back to their heritage. For them, it's easy to re-release the popular styles that were seen on 90’s TV, in movies, and on music idols; but how do these brands keep it familiar—yet fresh? Nautica is an excellent example of how to do just that. 

First, pull great inspiration from the archives. For Nautica, that’s their iconic sailing aesthetic. woven throughout every Nautica piece of clothing designed in the city, is their love of the sea. Whether it’s nautical rope draw cord in an easy classic parka or a neoprene hoodie, there is a smart interpretation for all things sea.

Next, find the right outlet for it. Sure, Nautica has an awesome new flagship store in its hometown New York City’s SoHo neighborhood inspired by being below deck. But, this collection warranted something different. Nautica got together with über millennial shopping spot Urban Outfitters.

Nautica is pulling out some of their best inspiration from what made the brand the success it is today. They are also working with the destination where everyone loves to shop—Urban Outfitters. So, what’s the final step in bringing that fresh 90’s look to today’s customer? Work with an artist who embodies the brand and the message. No one better to bring it to life than Lil Yachty. His name is “Yachty” so if that weren’t enough, his youthful energetic approach to fashion sealed the deal to enlist him as the face of the Nautica + Urban Outfitters Capsule Collection. Exclusive to UO, the collection, all under $99, just launched and is available exclusively at Urban Outfitters online and in stores. 

Check out some of the looks on the following slides.