“Excusez-moi, darling,” the foreign beauty purrs as you step out of the airport on your way to Monte Carlo. “Do you have the time?”

Of course you do—the elegant, solar-powered Citizen Satellite Wave-World Time GPS is right there on your wrist, and it adjusted automatically to Monaco time before your Learjet even touched the tarmac. 

The Wave’s timekeeping system, encased in serious 43.5mm stainless steel, registers 40 distinct time zones and even accounts for daylight saving time whether you’re in the U.S., Europe, or the Middle East. (Yes, other countries use it, too.) It also has day and date indicators—so go ahead, play a little hopscotch with the international dateline.

Even if you’re not jet-setting every week, wear it to exude a sense of worldliness.

The only thing it won’t tell you is mademoiselle’s hotel-room number—you’ll have to coax that out of her yourself.

$1,150, citizenwatch.com

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