You practically live at the gym. You haven't eaten carbs in almost a year. And you're almost certain your body fat is consistently in the single digits.

Yet you still don't look quite as perfectly chiseled as the average Instagram-spamming fitness model. What gives?

It's not you, it's them—but not because they hit some genetic jackpot that you missed out on. The truth is that a perfect, god-like physique is rarely achieved through purely natural means. (And no, we're not talking about anything that will get you in trouble with the Feds.)

Don't get us wrong: Actors, models, and professional bodybuilders put in all the same work you do, and then some. These guys are definitely not slackers. But once you've pushed your body to the absolute limit, you start hitting walls that can't be broken down with tougher workouts or stricter diets. At that point, there's only one option if you want to go from "almost" perfect to "impossibly" perfect: plastic surgery.

Yes, that's right: Guys who are already fit have started seeking out plastic surgeons who can shuttle around a fit guy's fat cells to "sculpt" physiques—no crunches required. Want biceps that pop or abs with a little more definition than you already seem to have? A plastic surgeon can do that, and more.

We sat down with Douglas Steinbrech, M.D., a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in male plastic surgery, to discuss which procedures fit guys are getting to look even more ripped.