Many minerals in Epsom salt and sea salts, such as magnesium, sodium, and bromide, are absorbed into the skin and can rid lactic acids in the muscles, as well as toxins throughout the body. So, it makes sense that the most important ingredient for your bath soak is salt.

Simple Epsom salt soaks are available at most pharmacies, but an upgrade to most sea salt blends will add congestion-clearing, skin-nourishing essential oils and other stimulating ingredients. On top of that, their aroma eases the mind and readies you for a restful night’s sleep. Here are five that are worth the upgrade.

Whichever you choose, start with a weekly soak, following a workout since soaks can dry out the skin. After two or three weeks, increase to twice a week if needed, and check for any change to your skin. If you have naturally dry skin, use a smaller dose of product if you need to soak more than once a week. If you're able, follow each soak with body lotion to rehydrate the skin.