Like your go-to cocktails and your go-to outerwear, the fragrance you wear in winter should harmonize with the weather.

When winter arrives, save your florals and your citruses for T-shirt weather and margarita season. In the cold, you want a scent that warms you up—and that soothes others’ senses, too.

There are roughly three categories of winter scents: wood, spice, and musk.

Woody scents remind us of the rugged outdoors, so the effect is as if you were a lumberjack who just chopped wood for the fire. You know how, whenever you walk past a Christmas tree salesman, the smell of pine soothes you and brings to mind all the sentiments that warm you in the cold months? That’s what a woody scent is doing, too.

The second is spice: Apple cider with cinnamon, pumpkin pie, seasonal incense…these are also quintessential winter scents that work well in fragrances.

Third is “musk”. Musk is your “essence,” a nice way of referring to your B.O. that may smell good to a mate and bad to others. There’s a lot of gray area in how we use the term, but as it pertains to fragrance, musk is actually a secretion from male deer. Seriously. It was long used in fragrances, generating a broody, come-hither smell. Now, it’s almost always synthetic, because the species of musk deer became endangered. “White musk” is the term for artificial musk, and it still has the same alluring features of its predecessor.

Here are some of our favorite winter scents of winter 2018.