Just like the pores on your face, the ones atop your head secrete sebum. And, when sebum works its way down your hair follicles, it gives everything a glistening, often unflattering sheen. While shampoo strips away sebum, it also harms hair by removing the healthy, conditioning oils that you should otherwise want to linger.

That’s why dry shampoo is so useful; it soaks up sebum without absorbing the good oils in the hair.

Dry shampoo prevents you from having to wash daily; instead, use normal shampoo just two or three times a week, and apply dry shampoo (to dry hair) in the mornings in between. It’s important to rinse your hair daily, however, to clear away buildup from product, dirt, and skin flakes.

“Dry shampoo is great for the morning that you wake up and your hair looks pretty good but a little wrecked from tossing around in bed,” says Garrett Pike of No Club Barbershop in Brooklyn. “It will make your hair perk back up, instead of looking like it's been laying on a pillow for eight hours.”

It’s best for guys with stylable hair; if your hair is short and lifeless on its own, then it doesn’t need any resuscitation. Pike recommends dry shampoo for men with straight or slightly wavy hair that is normal or fine in thickness. The oil absorption restores volume, so guys who have curly or excessively thick hair won’t do themselves any favors with dry shampoo; you will only create problems for yourself if you add extra volume to those already tedious variables.

You can also use shampoo at the end of a long work day, before a night out: “Just give your hair a couple applications at the end of the day to add some dry texture,” Pike says. “This will help cut through some oil that has built up.”

To apply, target the natural part in your hair and apply dry shampoo along this line. Hold the powder or spray a few inches from the part; once applied, evenly distribute the product around your scalp using fingertips. Massage it around the head and into the hair itself. Sometimes, the spray leaves a white or dark residue; this should dissolve as you distribute. Check out 5 dry shampoos for your consideration on the following slides.