For most men (and plenty of women), hair is a source of pride—but it’s a finite one. We must come to terms with the fact that, as we age, this pride source thins, recedes, falls out, and sometimes vanishes completely.

If you still have some of your hair—whether it’s receded or thinned, but not to the point of embracing baldness—then you probably want to know how you can better showcase it. You want to add volume, slow down hair loss, and hold onto it as long as you damn well can.

That’s more than understandable, so we got a few tips from Vaughn Acord, celebrity stylist and the man behind V76 hair care and styling products. And, it turns out, his to-do list goes well beyond the obvious. Here are Acord’s five main suggestions to boost the longevity of your hair, and to make the most of what you’ve still got.