While Henry Cavill is internationally known for his role as Superman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and (most likely) in the upcoming Justice League—for which he used this routine to get extra-jacked—he's filled out some pretty kickass roles over the years.

The former Men’s Fitness cover star brought out his muscles to play a dapper secret agent in The Man from U.N.C.L.E., a soldier in Sand Castle, and a god in Immortals. For his new role in Mission: Impossible 6, he has a brand new look to add: A perfectly groomed mustache.

Cavill’s role in the film is a mystery for now—maybe he’s playing a bad guy—but he could end up stealing the show from star Tom Cruise with facial hair like this.

For as cool as the ‘stache is, is a mustache Kryptonite for Superman in Justice League?

While on the outside it may just seem like a cool character detail, apparently the mustache is very important for Cavill’s character in M:I6—and that’s causing some trouble for his other big movie, Justice League, according to Variety.

Cavill was expected to be done with Mission: Impossible 6 by the time the reshoots for Justice League went down, but since both films are now going through reshoots—with the Justice League reshoots being extensive—that means Cavill has to bounce back and forth between the two shoots. The trouble? Cavill can’t shave his mustache, so it will need to be digitally removed for all his scenes in Justice League as Superman.

While technology has advanced quite a bit in recent years and should be able to hide the mustache with no issues, the problem still remains: Cavill can’t shave his badass mustache for the reshoots. Things will end up fine, but it's a pretty amazing logistical hurdle.

Cavill spoke about the process of removing the 'stache for the Justice League reshoots in an interview with Fox 5 DC promoting the film.

“It’s nothing to cover it up," Cavill said." What we do is we try and pull it back from the top lip as much as possible, so they kind of wax it up, and then I have dots all over my face. And they try and put dots, which are barely visible, sort of in the various points on the face, which you would see them during normal — not face replacement — but whatever CGI aspect they may be applying to a face. And, yeah, I was covered in dots and had a big mustache. It was definitely a new look for Superman.”

Here’s a look at the best shots of Cavill's mustache.

(Photos of Cavill from @henrycavill Instagram and @christophermcquarrie Instagram)

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