It’s easy to assume that shaving, like most things, has benefited from new technologies. But here’s the truth: That’s not necessarily the case.

Old-school safety razors are a perfect example. To the modern man, safety razors look both antiquated and intimidating—especially compared to the high-tech, five-blade razors we use (and replenish) so often.

Safety razors haven’t really evolved since their creation more than a century ago—you still twist off the top, plop a double-edged blade onto the razor body, and fasten the top again. But that’s precisely their perk: No need to reinvent the wheel.

And that’s why guys like Garrett Pike, the founder of Brooklyn’s No Club Barbershop, have become safety-razor evangelists. Here, Pike offers a few valid arguments for abandoning cartridge razors, as well as pointers for properly using a safety razor.