You're hard pressed to find a relationship as fierce as the one between a man and his beard. Dogs, girlfriends, and mothers sometimes take a backseat to the scruff—especially when the colder months come rolling in. Lucky for you, it doesn't take much money or a trip to the barber to experiment with different looks. What it does take is a bit of imagination and some inspiration. Naturally, men look to the celebrities for the latter. Braun conducted a survey and found these stats on men and their favorite beard icons:

- 39 percent of men chose Jake Gyllenhaal’s beard as their favorite celebrity style
- 23 percent prefer David Beckham’s beard
- 11 percent find Johnny Depp’s look most appealing
- 9 percent favor Kenny Rogers' beard
- 8 percent chose Tom Selleck’s look as their favorite
- Only 5 percent prefer Prince Harry’s beard
- Zach Galifianakis’s beard ranks the lowest, with only 4 percent supporting his look

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