Okay, so you know to stay away from saltwater taffy and brush your teeth before bed. But if you think that means you get an A+ for oral hygiene, you're off the mark.

Even the most health-conscious people have a few habits that undermine their oral health. And we mean overall health—taking care of your teeth and gums isn't just about a pretty smile. Gum disease means chronic inflammation, which is a risk factor for a laundry list of more serious conditions.

We called in top docs to tackle the bad habits that are ruining your teeth: Hector L. Sarmiento, D.M.D., a Board-Certified periodontist and professor at UPenn School of Dental Medicine, and Stuart J. Froum, D.D.S., P.C., a clinical professor and director of clinical research at the Dept. of Periodontology and Implant Dentistry in New York University's College of Dentistry, talk about what they wish their patients would stop doing.

Check out 11 ways you could be ruining your teeth.