After two months of bulking, you're probably tired of force-feeding yourself at every meal and leaving potholes behind wherever you walk. Good. Now's the time to shed that flab with a reduced-calorie diet and the high-intensity workouts that follow. Your goal: to reveal the muscles- particularly the abs-you've been working so hard to build over the past 60 days. (Note: If you're just starting the Beach Body Program and your only goal is to lose fat, you can begin with this month's workouts.)

You'll work out six days a week, alternating weight training and cardio sessions for maximum fat burn. On cardio days, you'll be asked to work at a certain percentage of your all-out effort-the speed at which you would run, cycle, or row if your life depended on it-for a specific period of time. (Don't obsess, just estimate: If 100% is your best, then 85% would be slightly less intensive, and 25% would be relatively easy.) On the seventh day, we ask that you do some sort of vigorous activity for at least 30 minutes. You can play basketball, jog, or practice your beach strut-just burn some calories. In four weeks, your body-fat percentage should have dropped at least 2%.

Remember, what and when you eat is more important now than ever, so log on to and refer to our Beach Body Nutrition guidelines to make sure you're cutting enough calories to lose fat without sacrificing the protein you need to retain the muscle mass you've built.