By now, you should have completed the four weeks of workouts from Phase I, eating like a rapacious grizzly along the way. All that prep work has improved your overall conditioning and form on the most important muscle-building exercises, and you should have made a significant weight gain. If you haven't gained at least four pounds, review our nutritional strategies for bulking and adjust accordingly.

Your goal for the next four weeks is to add even more mass, enough so you're at your buffest when you begin the cutting phase next month. (The more muscle you have to start, the faster you'll lose the extra fat that came with it.) There are only three exercises per workout, but you'll challenge your muscles maximally each set, thereby building more size and strength. You'll hit the gym four times a week, training two days back-to-back before resting a day. Again, aim for another four to five pounds of weight gain this month.