It’s sometimes said that the best workout is the one you haven’t done. After all, the body adapts quickly to even the most challenging of routines and a new program likely will stimulate different muscles and jump-start your enthusiasm for training.

Guys who dabble in a little bit of everything—CrossFit, yoga, obstacle racing, triathlon, paddle sports—sometimes get away from some of the most basic, best-bang-for-your-buck exercises. In some instances these moves have become overshadowed by new research or flavor-of-the-month trends. Other times they just fall between the cracks in the interest of saving time, even if they’ve served us well in the past.

The best exercises tend to be timeless, producing some combination of strength, stability, endurance, and resistance to injury. They’re versatile, requiring little to no equipment and you can do them anywhere. They also provide benefits that will help you thrive in any endeavor, along with mimicking the movements of everyday life.

Most important, they’re probably moves you’ve done at some point but now rank as lost classics. But by implementing some or all of them into your regimen, you’ll jump-start your body and refresh your workouts without undergoing a learning curve.

Here are 15 amazing exercises that perhaps you’re forgetting.