If only we could spend a whole hour Romanian deadlifting, skull-crushing, or working shoulders. What a life we'd lead. 

But we all know that's not possible. Let's face it: While we'd like to dedicate as much time to the gym as humanly possible, we still have other obligations in our lives. We're on tight schedules. We've got other tasks on our to-do lists, like eating, drinking, and breathing. So that means when we hit the gym we've got to focus on consolidation.

In an effort to maximize the efficiency of our workouts, we need exercises that hit multiple parts of our body at the same time. That way we'll neglect neither specific regions of our body, or, y'know, people in our lives.

Get out of the weight room in a reasonable time by performing this routine that hones both your triceps and biceps with equal efficiency and intensity.


Perform the first group of exercises (marked “a,” “b,” and “c”) as a  triset. Complete one set of each without rest. Afterward, rest 60 seconds and then repeat twice more (three total trisets). Go on to the second triset and do it the same way.

Note: For the first exercise, the plank, you can amp up the challenge by including a triceps extension. Keeping your core tight and body straight, extend your elbows to raise your body. Lower yourself to the floor with control, and then come back up.