Hedge fund guys do CrossFit. So do cops. And construction workers, engineers, and professors. (Even rock stars, too!) Here are their stories.

Mason Shupe, 49, is an Alexandria, Va.-based salon owner.

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Four years ago a friend of mine told me I need to do something about my situation. I was 356 pounds. I was having trouble walking up hills around the neighborhood. I started CrossFit and just threw myself into it. I was 45 years old, recently single, and I wanted to look better naked.

In elementary school I was the chubby kid who thought “husky” was a fashion store—it’s just where we went to get my clothes. When I climbed a rope at the age of 44, I broke down and cried. It’s something I wasn’t able to do all my life. One special moment is when I do the CrossFit workout “Murph” on Memorial Day in celebration of my father, who was in the Air Force. He died when I was 7. My first Murph was a baby Murph, and I’ve built up closer to the full thing from there. Every year it’s an emotional experience.

I haven’t yet met that special someone. I’ve had people who I’m dating who are jealous of my time in CrossFit. That’s a deal-breaker for me. If they want me to stop CrossFit, they’re gone.

I’ve lost 125 pounds total. In the first month, I lost around 30 pounds. I stopped drinking and was following a strict Paleo diet. My results have been amazing. My doctor has taken me off my high-blood-pressure and cholesterol medication. –As told to David Wescott

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