If you haven't seen CBS' newest high-octane crime show, S.W.A.T., you're missing out on a ton of heart-thrashing, ass-kicking action.

It's packing one hell of a cast, including former Criminal Minds actor Shemar Moore as Sergeant Daniel "Hondo" Harrelson who leads a unit of ultra-jacked officers. (Seriously, these are some of the fittest guys on TV right now.)

Among those jacked guys—and arguably the most jacked—is David Lim. He's a veteran of the federal officer procedural: He made his foray into the TV crime-fighting world with a role in ABC's thriller Quantico (opposite Priyanka Chopra).

But even though he has the acting chops down, he still had to work his ass off to prep for this role as officer Victor Tan on S.W.A.T.

Lim's lifting philosophy? Switching things up. His body-sculpting regimen is fairly traditional (and hefty), but he likes to add in boxing, yoga, and basketball when he's not sticking to body part-specific routines. And if you couldn't tell by his chiseled abs, his nutrition is dialed in; he emphasizes high amounts of protein and healthy fats.

Lim likes to train two body parts per day. Below we've outlined what a typical week looks like for the actor. See if you can keep up.


Increase weight and decrease reps by 2 after each set, and go no lower than 8 reps. For example: On a 4-set exercise, do 14 reps in the first set, then 12, then 10, then 8. Rest 1 minute between sets. Some additional instructions:

  • Monday (chest and biceps): For pushups, go traditional for the first set, use a wide grip for the second, a close grip for the third, then do a clap pushup for the fourth.
  • Wednesday (shoulders and triceps): Superset the rear-delt flye with a front raise, and superset the rope pushdown with an overhead triceps extension. These exercises are marked with A and B in the exercise lists; rest only after the second exercise in the superset.
  • Thursday (light back and biceps): For the hyperextensions, hold a 25-lb plate.
  • Friday (light abs and chest): Complete mountain climbers on a BOSU ball, and set the machine press to an incline.
  • Sat (cardio): Run stairs for 45 mins., hike 90 mins., or box for 60 mins.