Go To The Workout!

We've all felt that familiar burn a few reps into a difficult set. To burn the most fat possible, you've got to blast right through it. That's the secret to lactic acid training—losing fat by significantly boosting your body's lactic acid levels. If you can take it, you should see your abs again in just a few weeks.

The burn is caused by your body using glycogen (the body's stored carbohydrate) for energy. The glycogen breaks down into a variety of different compounds, including pyruvate, which then turns into hydrogen ions—the real trigger of the burn. Their presence creates lactic acid in the muscles.

The more lactic acid present, the more growth hormone (GH) your body releases. That's key, because GH causes muscles to grow and makes fat turn to fuel. The only problem? Spiking your lactic acid production means long sets and short rest periods—so you've got some hard work ahead of you.

You'll perform your sets with a slow speed on the upward portion of each rep, such as the pressing stage of a dumbbell bench press. This will mean you'll have to lighten the weights. It's likely to feel different than any kind of training you've done, and the results will be too.

Perform the workout once per week, completing heavier workouts on your other training days. Rest at least a day between each session.

Time Needed
35 min

Do It
Perform the exercises marked "A," "B," and sometimes "C" in sequence, resting as directed between sets, until all sets are done. Be sure to perform the reps at the specified speed. Choose weights that are 20% to 25% lighter than what you would normally use.

Go To The Workout!