At 6’4’’ and 245 lbs, Kyle Hunt, former NFL tight end turned fitness trainer, comes physically as close to Superman as a guy can get. He might not be able to fly, but he can jump vertically out of waist-deep water, nail a 10 foot long jump, and throw a 20 lb. medicine ball through a wall—feats that require near-superhuman strength.

So how does Hunt maintain his speed and power? He swears by plyometric workouts, which he crushes till exhaustion. Explosive plyometrics demand quick reactions from your muscle tissue. When added to traditional strength training exercises, he says, they boost the efficiency of your neuromuscular system. This equals more power and more speed. Crucial assets when it’s game time. 

In his new workout video for Q, a blog by Equinox , Hunt demonstrates the benefits of plyometrics training in slow-mo. And in our opinion, it´s pretty badass. Over six phases—water jump, depth jump, plyo-pull ups, helicopter pushups, standing broad jump, and rotational medball slam—Hunt uses resistance and explosive motion for a full body power workout. And based on the way he rips through these plyos, his training has obviously paid off.