You can make muscles work hard a number of different ways. Lifting heavy loads, slowing down your reps, and keeping your rest periods short are all strategies to overload muscles and make them grow. And the 8/8/16 method employs all of these techniques in just the right amounts. Apply this simple math in your training this month and you’ll see gains add up fast. HOW IT WORKS: In each workout, you’ll perform two groups of three exercises, or two tri-sets, and then some isolated ab work at the end. The first exercise in each tri-set will be done for eight reps, followed by 10 seconds’ rest. The same goes for the second exercise, and then the third will be 16 reps followed by two minutes’ rest. Using a load that allows you only eight reps provides the heavy portion of your training. The short rests accumulate fatigue. But as you’re tiring out the muscles, you’re also transitioning from the most challenging exercise in the tri-set to the least, so you can keep working hard (and hit the high end of the rep spectrum with 16) without burning yourself out. The result: a short workout that applies maximum muscle stimulation. DIRECTIONS: Frequency: Alternate the workouts for three total sessions per week. Rest a day between each. Time Needed: 30 min. How to do it: Perform the exercises marked with letters (“a,” “b,” and “c”) as a tri-set. You’ll do a set of “a”, rest, then a set of “b”, rest again, and then a set of “c”. Repeat until you’ve completed all the prescribed sets. Then do the remaining plank exercises as indicated. Each exercise is assigned a tempo. The first digit is the number of seconds you should take to lower the weight. The second digit is the time you should pause in that bottom position. The third digit applies to the lifting portion of the exercise, and the fourth is the length of the pause in that end position. A “0” indicates no time—simply move on to the next digit. For example, a chin-up done with a tempo of 4010 would be done like so: take four seconds to lower yourself from the bar. Then take one second to pull yourself back up. The Workouts:



Day 1

Day 2