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If you work at a desk, spend long hours in the car, or have been bench pressing since your first day in the gym, there's no getting around it—you have some muscle imbalances that could set you up for serious injury and reduce your ability to get the most out of your training. This workout corrects those problems, allowing your body to move more efficiently and helping to eliminate any pain you may already be dealing with. You'll realign your body for optimum performance. We'll level with you: This won't be the most fun workout ever. There's no loading up the bench or curl bar. But you should still enjoy the challenge. Some of the more unorthodox exercises will have you using your whole body in ways it's not used to. Two main target areas are your core and upper back, which are o en tight and weak. You'll strengthen and improve your flexibility in these muscle groups, and you should see and feel the difference in your whole body in fewer than 30 days. DIRECTIONS Frequency Perform the workout twice per week, completing your other training or resting on days in between. Time Needed 30 minutes Do It Perform the exercises marked with letters ("a," "b," etc.) in sequence, completing one set for each and resting as needed in between. Repeat for all the sets and then go to the next group. Go To The Workout