Second to the chest workout here’s your probable next favorite: arms!

This workout combines different curl and extension variations to challenge your muscles in slightly different ways—different training stimuli means more potential for more growth. Go through this circuit as many times as possible in 10-minutes. Focus on contracting your biceps or triceps as hard as possible at the peak contraction. On the biceps cheat curl, explode the barbell upward and lower slowly.

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10-Minute Time Crunch Training Arm Blow Out

Biceps supinated curl: Biceps cheat curl

>> 5-7 reps (zero rest)

Biceps pronated curl: Biceps reverse curl with EZ curl bar

>> 10-12 reps (zero rest)

Biceps semi-pronated curl: Single arm hammer curl with band

>> 15-20 reps (zero rest)

Triceps compound extension: Dip (weighted if possible)

>> 5-7 reps (zero rest) Triceps free-weight extension:

Decline bench triceps extension

>> 10-12 reps (zero rest)

Triceps cable extension: High Cable Rope triceps extension

>> 15-20 reps (zero rest)