Did you participate in the Live Transformassacre Q&A on the Men's Fitness Facebook? Well, if you missed out and are curious what secrets Charlie Romano disclosed to readers—here's the top five. And stay tuned tomorrow for Week 6 of the 8-Week Transformassacre...

1) Adam Wojcieszak Even through the diet change, routines, etc., I'm losing inches and gaining muscle everywhere else, but I can't lose the spare tire. What's a good way to get rid of this?
“If there is one key learning from this, it's that the most critical part of torching fat it is through eating low-carb, doing some aggressive cardio and lifting lighter weight for more reps and lesser rest periods. Try that for about a week and I assure you, you'll see results.”
2) Carlos Rodriguez I want to lean out and lose body fat, what kind of workouts and how much cardio should I be doing? What muscle groups should I be training together?
"I'm no expert, just learning from them! I think that by cranking up your cardio with high intensity interval training and paying closer attention to your diet, you should see some results. Think of interval training like this (what I was told from Dan): Get on a treadmill and make yourself go 8 out of 10 (10 being your fastest) for 30 seconds. Then go 3 out of 10 for 90 seconds and repeat this pattern for five intervals after training. I highly advise doing full body workouts like the Transformassacre plan so you don't look top heavy just for vanity purposes."
3) Alex Uretsky How difficult was the diet change and did it leave you feeling lethargic or lacking energy?
"At first, I was very moody and extremely tired. After about three days, I felt better than ever and had much more energy. Remember: I live with my family and for dinner they have a carb feast of pasta, garlic bread, potatoes, etc.—so I had to adjust big time"
4) Carlson Carfester What would be the best workout for a non-gym person (without equipment)? I prefer workouts that use up plenty of energy.
"If you're looking to do workouts without a gym, I would stick to staples like push-ups, dips on a chair, squats, etc. You can still do cardio without a gym. Try doing jumping jacks for the interval training portion."
5) Jason Mazzullo I take NOxplode pre workout. I would also like to take a protein shake prior to workout. Both are recommended on an empty stomach how do I manage food with still trying to get my supplements benefits?
“I'm really not a nutrition expert, but I can tell you that from following the Transformassacre diet and simply taking Wheybolic (post-workout) along with Mega Men Sport VitaPak, that I feel better every day."