Charlie has officially made it through four and a half brutal weeks of training with the focus being on fat burning, and you saw his tremendous progress. After his trainer, Dan Trink, conducted Charlie's midway reassessment, he established the next objective: STRENGTH building. The newest strategy that Dan is implementing with Charlie is known as a "classic strength building protocol"—five sets and five repetitions, or "5x5" for short. The exercises will challenge Charlie with heavier weight, fewer reps and increased rest periods for optimal recovery.

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WORKOUT A: Week 4 & 5

2 days per week

SEQ Exercise Sets Reps Tempo Rest
A1 Trap Bar Deadlift 5 5 3010 90
A2 DB Neutral Grip Bench Press 5 5 3010 90
B1 Box Step Ups 3 6-8 3010 60
B2 Barbell Military Press 3 8-10 3010 60
C1 Prowler Leg Drive 2 D/B AFAP 45
C2 Sled Rope Pull 2 D/B AFAP 45

WORKOUT B: Week 4 & 5

2 day per week

SEQ Exercise Sets Reps Tempo Rest
A1 Sandbag Front Squat 5 5 4010 90
A2 Neutral Grip Pull Up 5 5 3010 90
B1 Split Squat 3 6-8 3010 60
B2 Seated Cable Row 3 8-10 3010 60
C1 Leg Press 2 12 3010 45
C2 Prowler Push 2 D/B AFAP 45

Workout/Tempo Key:
All Weight in Lbs. unless noted in kg.
OH = Overhead
DB = Dumbbell
D = Down
D/B = Down and Back (40 meters)
4010 = Four seconds down, 0 second pause at bottom, one second lift, 0 second pause at top.
3010 = Three seconds down, 0 second pause at bottom, one second lift, 0 second pause at top.
2010 = Two seconds down, 0 second pause at bottom, one second lift, 0 second pause at top.
AFAP = As Fast As Possible
EXP = Explosive

Charlie's Progress To Date

1. Deadlift Strength: "We went from struggling to achieve proper form with 40kg to working our way up to 100kg for five reps," Trink says.

2. Body Weight Strength: "Charlie increased his pull-ups by 1-2 reps per week."

3. Upper Body Strength: "Charlie's chest pressing has improved. We're now getting 25 reps (over five sets) with 62.5-pound dumbbells. This is up from the 35-pound dumbbells we started with."

4. Increased Mental Strength and Focus: "Charlie has gone from coming into the gym as an overwhelmed client to a guy who wants to dominate every rep of every workout. This is probably the most important strength gain of the bunch."

For a look back at his progress, see Charlie's Week 4 before and after photos and video reassessment.

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