Once again, the plan for Charlie has changed. With fat-burning and strength-building out of the way, this time the primary objective is building mass, commonly known in the industry as the "hypertrophy" phase. Within this phase of training, the key components to Charlie's success are built on "volume, variety and muscle damage," says his trainer, Dan Trink. The goal is to overload specific muscle groups with different exercises from slightly different angles and approaches to produce the most growth. Need a visual of how the first two training phases compare? The high intensity circuit style "Fat Burning Phase" >> And the heavy weight hoisting "Strength Building Phase" >>

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Q&A with Charlie - What's Up With Hypertrophy?

MF: How's your body responding to the hypertrophy phase of training? CR: Physically, hypertrophy is the most demanding and taxing on my body. The fat burn phase was exhausting, but I felt that I was able to push myself to squeeze in a little bit more. The strength-building phase felt more like I was learning how to command more power or strength from my body, which was the most mentally challenging portion to have to accept my limits. In this phase, it is exhausting and also a mental challenge to learn to endure the pain and just keep moving forward. MF: How are you feeling now that you can eat carbs post-workout? CR: Having a post-workout carb is great, but it isn't something that I relish as much as I thought I would. I feel like I accepted the diet and it has just become a part of my routine and lifestyle. I did my best to keep the carbs out of sight and out of mind. MF: You're 3/4 of the way there. What's been the biggest lesson so far or the biggest mistake you may have made that MF readers can learn from? CR: The biggest lesson and mistake going into this is underestimating how important a trainer is. Before the Transformassacre, I had a wealth of knowledge from experts and content that I was always sifting through. The value of having an expert make a plan for you, showing you the most efficient and effective methods, making sure you're doing it right, knowing when to push you forward, knowing when to pull you back, knowing how to motivate you—all of those are such critical parts of being fit. So the big lesson to me is how worth it a great personal trainer is. I know it's not cheap, but neither is buying take-out—which way too many people do. Make sure you're getting your information from a reliable source. Peak Performance is one of the best facilities in the country and Men's Fitness always constults with industry leaders. I'm certain that doing this program as part of a different team or at another facility would not have gotten me these results."


SEQ Exercise Sets Reps Tempo Rest
A1 Trap Bar Deadlift 3 8 3010 60
A2 Lying Leg Curl 3 8 4010 60
A3 Leg Press 3 15 2010 120
B1 Barbell Bench Press 3 8 3010 60
B2 Neutral Grip Incline DB Press 3 8 3010 60
B3 Cable Chest Flye 3 15 2010 120


SEQ Exercise Sets Reps Tempo Rest
A1 Front Squat 3 8 3010 60
A2 Cyclist DB Squat 3 8 4010 60
A3 Leg Extension 3 15 2010 120
B1 Long Bar Bentover Row 3 8 3010 60
B2 Lat Pulldown 3 8 3010 60
B3 Seated Cable Row 3 15 2010 120


SEQ Exercise Sets Reps Tempo Rest
A1 Military Press 3 8 3010 60
A2 Seated OH Press (Neutral Grip) 3 8 4010 60
A3 Lateral Raise 3 15 2010 120
B1 Preacher EZ Bar Curl 3 8 3010 60
B2 Incline DB Hammer Curl 3 8 3010 60
B3 Low Pulley Reverse Curl 3 15 2010 120

Workout/Tempo Key: All Weight in Lbs. unless noted in kg. OH = Overhead DB = Dumbbell D = Down D/B = Down and Back (40 meters) 4010 = Four seconds down, 0 second pause at bottom, one second lift, 0 second pause at top. 3010 = Three seconds down, 0 second pause at bottom, one second lift, 0 second pause at top. 2010 = Two seconds down, 0 second pause at bottom, one second lift, 0 second pause at top. AFAP = As Fast As Possible EXP = Explosive Just catching the Transformassacre for the first time? See the backstory >> Are you doing the Transformassacre alongside Charlie? Join him on the Fleetly Fitness App. Need motivation? MF readers on Facebook and Twitter submitted tons of motivational quotes to inspire Charlie. Follow all of Charlie's progress at The 8-Week Fitness Transformassacre and look for mini-updates on Facebook and Twitter.