It's winter. Girls aren't trolling beaches looking for six-pack abs or bulging biceps, so you've got to impress them with your clothes on. A big set of traps projects confidence and power—the biggest turn-ons for women. Well-rounded glutes (your ass, dude!) speak for themselves. This workout will develop these areas and more while burning of some fat to give you a chiseled body worth loving.

Perform each workout (Day I, II, and III) once per week, resting at least a day between each session.

Time Needed
40 - 60 minutes

Do It
Perform the exercises marked with letters in sequence. Rest as needed in between, unless directed otherwise, and repeat for all prescribed sets. Perform remaining exercises as straight sets. For the circuit on Day III (exercises 5a to 5d), use one barbell with the same amount of weight. Choose a light load—the point here is conditioning, not strength building, so keep tight form and move fast.

The Workouts:

Day I Day II Day III