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Upper-body workouts

The Trophy Muscle Workout: Build your chest, back, and core on day 2

This combination of traditional compound movements will not only hone your pecs, lats, traps, and shoulders, but also force your core to get in on the action.






Typically, most traditional upper-body bodybuilding workouts train chest, back, arms, and shoulders—and that's it. Abs are trained separately, and specifically.

But in the second day of our Trophy Muscle Workout Program, you'll combine those muscle groups, effectively working both of them at the same time. Sure, you'll have some classic chest-and-back-builders like dumbbell bench presses and bentover rows. But the rest of these moves—particularly exercises like the medicine ball pushup and the one-half Turkish get-up—will force your core, chest, back, and arms to work together. And when you factor in the superset effect—more work with less rest—you'll also be burning plenty of calories to boot.


Choose a light load—the point here is conditioning, not strength building, so maintain tight form and don't overload yourself. If you find that you're struggling to complete the sets with the weights you've chosen, then go with lighter weights. You'll be completing plenty of reps in this workout, so don't worry if you're not hauling heavy iron—the work volume will do you good.

Note: Sets labeled with a letter (2A., 2B., etc.) are supersets. Do all reps of the first exercise, then go directly to the next exercise without stopping. Rest only when indicated.