If you're looking for a single exercise to see gains across your chest, shoulder and triceps, dips are your go-to answer.

Next time you're wrapping up your routine, head over to the bars and give this quick routine structure a run through.

We recommend you perform this "finisher" after this 15-Minute Chest Workout >>>

Routine Goal:

Focus on additional growth in the chest, shoulder and triceps after completing your regular routine.

Routine Structure:

> 15 regular dips on bars

Rest for 10 seconds

> 15 bench dips

Rest for 10 seconds

> 10 regular dips on bars

Rest for 10 seconds

> 10 bench dips

Rest for 10 seconds

> 5 regular dips on bars

Rest for 10 seconds.

> 5 bench dips.

Rest for 10 seconds.

>> Repeat this pattern 1-3 times.

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Routine Notes:

- Use an assisted dip machine if exercise is too difficult to perform.

- If the standard dip is to easy, feel free to use a belt to weight load with plates

- For for focus on the chest and shoulders lean forward on the dip bars, for more focus on the triceps, keep yourself more in an upright position.