Whether you're a serious runner or a guy who just likes to pound the pavement every once in a while, there are plenty of reasons running is better than the gym. And there's no better time to explore the benefits (and weird perks of being a distance runner) than on June 7, which just so happens to be Global Running Day.

The worldwide holiday is a movement to get people moving—whether that's down the block or a full-blown marathon. Pledge to lace up: We've got plenty of amazing running shoe options for 2017, and even a beginner's guide to running if you're totally new to the discipline.

Armed with these running essentials, you'll be prepped and ready to hit the road. Pining after a scenic route? Under Armour sifted through data from its MapMyRun app and calculated the 20 most popular running paths and trails across the country. See if your go-to made the list or try a new one. Below we've indicated where each route is located, how many miles it is, and how quickly the average person runs it—so you can challenge yourself and try to beat the average joe.