Crossing the finish line of a marathon is one of the most prestigious fitness feats. However, it's not for everyone.

First, the training requires a lifestyle upheaveal. Building up to 25+ miles sucks up a good chunk of your free time. If you're new to long-distance running, the constant pounding can cause overuse injuries. And to be completely honest, it can be a little boring. 

For those of you looking for a new challenge or something to train for, but want a race that's not quite as daunting or, conversely, more exhilirating and high octane, a race that's more of a team experience rather than a solo expedition, or maybe something that combines multiple sports to constantly give your mind and muscles new obstacles, click through our list. We've compiled 13 races that span all these categories and more to bring you short- and long-distance options that unnerve you, break your comfort zone, and test your endurance, strength, stamina, and heart to their fullest.