Call it a fitness catch-22: In order to meet your goals, your training has to be specific. But get too specific, and you can reduce or even eliminate other important physical capabilities. “I know many strength-training athletes who only focus on weights and no cardio because they believe that stronger muscles are the key to overall fitness,” says Scott Weiss, DPT, CSCS, physical therapist and owner of Bodhizone in New York City.

“The truth is, they will be out of balance, and by the same token, aerobic athletes who don't weight-train will have deficits as well.” Unless you’re, say, a decathlete, it might not be that important to you to excel in all areas, from strength to endurance to balance to flexibility. But these tests, used by top trainers to assess their clients, might teach you a thing or two about your fitness successes… and failures.