Whether you’re a long-time gym rat, one of the hordes of newbies who just got a gym membership in the new year, or a reformed slacker who’s finally decided to whip your body into shape, you absolutely have to learn gym etiquette.

Unfortunately, most gyms don’t offer classes on what you should or shouldn’t do while trying to get stronger and healthier in the gym. At best, most fitness clubs probably put up a few signs near the paper towels and spray bottle of disinfectant, asking that you wipe down any sweaty equipment after you use it. Some usually also include placards that try to shame you into making sure you re-rack any weights or put away equipment after using them.

But judging by the number of sweaty benches and the piles of random plates strewn around most gyms, people working out seem to be illiterate, clueless, or (even worse) just don’t give a damn about anyone else. Not you, of course—we’re sure you’re not one of those horrible people. And if you are, and somehow stumbled upon this site filled with all things fitness and manly, perhaps this guide will help you rectify your atrocious habits. For those who are new to the gym, now is your chance to learn it, know it, live it, courtesy of Lee Boyce, C.P.T., a strength coach based in Toronto, Ontario (leeboycetraining.com).