• What's most likely to kill me?
    That question might sound crazy. But you're pushing your physician to review your family history and current health status to figure out your greatest health risks, says John Corso, M.D., author of Stupid Reasons People Die. The information you get can help determine any necessary lifestyle changes you need to make now.
  • What screening tests do i need?
    The answer will help you to be proactive about your health, even if you're not seeing a physician regularly (once annually is fine for most guys). Healthy men under 40 should have a blood pressure screening every two years; a cholesterol test every five years (or more often, if cholesterol is high); and a testicular self-exam once a month.


  • What are your qualifications?
    Becoming a personal trainer has never been easier, which is why you should screen anyone you hire to make sure they have the experience and knowledge to help you achieve all of your goals, says Mike Monroe, president of HM4 Fitness.
  • Do you do an assessment?
    "If a trainer starts working you out without asking questions about your health or exercise background, that's a huge red flag," Monroe says. Not only do you risk getting injured, but you also may not be doing the right workout to meet your goals. Plus, the trainer may not be qualified to do what you want, which is why that first meeting should involve an assessment of your goals, your health, and when you'll be reassessed.


  • if you could do anything over in your life, what would it be?
    "Men need to be better at using emotional experiences as a compass to guide their lives," says Minneapolis-based psychologist Ronald J. Frederick, Ph.D. "You'll learn how you can listen to your gut to tell you what's right or wrong." And, of course, to learn from his mistakes. It's also a chance to connect with Dad.
  • How did you know it was time to settle down?
    Giving up those bachelor ways can be downright scary. Yet by asking your dad this question, especially if you're thinking about getting married soon, you're really asking whether you can trust your own feelings, Frederick says. Because he's been there, done that, he can give you the wisdom you're seeking.

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