Everyone's got a workout of their own—their "go-to" routine. But is your routine good enough? We asked our Men's Fitness Facebook friends if they had a killer routine to share and subject to the scrutiny of our readers. The big catch? Our team of training experts also review it, critique it and tweak it if necessary.

Workout Submission


Jacob Wetzel: Men's Fitness Facebook Friend

Monday & Thursday
        Bench Press - 4x5
        Incline Bench Press - 3x8
        Shoulder Press - 3x8
        Push-ups/Inverted Row - 3x15/3x10
        Front/Lateral/Rear Delt Raises - 3x12 each lift
        Dips - 3xFailure
        Skull Crushers/Triceps Extension - 3x10/3x12

        Squat - 3x5
        Glute Ham - 4x8
        Single Leg Squats/DB Chest Fly - 3x8/3x12
        Pull-ups - 3xFailure
        Lat Pull Down - 3x10
        Barbell Biceps Curl - 3x10
        Abs Circuit - Sit-ups/Side Bends/Leg Raises - 3x25/15/Failure

        Deadlift - 3x5
        Glute Ham - 4x8
        Single Leg Squats/DB Incline Chest Fly - 3x8/3x12
        Pull-ups - 3xFailure
        Lat Pull Down - 3x10
        Barbell Biceps Curl - 3x10
        Abs Circuit - Sit-ups/Russian Twist/Leg Raises - 3x25/15/Failure

Expert Assessment


Dan Trink C.S.C.S., CPT is the Director of Personal Training Operations at Peak Performance NYC. Check out Trink's website: TrinkFitness.com. Follow Trink on Twitter: @TrinkFitness.

Pros: "Big movements like bench press, squats, deadlifts and pull-ups? Check. A variety of rep ranges targeted to make you stronger and bigger? Check. Doing an equal amount of lower body and upper body work? Check. Using mainly free weights? Check. You hate cardio? Check. I think I just found my new workout partner."

Cons: "Your rep ranges are a little all over the place. When designing a training program you really want to pick a primary objective and maybe a secondary objective, for example strength as a primary with hypertrophy as a secondary. You have strength (4x5), hypertrophy (3x8) and strength-endurance (3x12) all lumped into the same program. Get more focused. And speaking of focus, why do all your push exercises targeting chest and shoulders get their own day but legs, back, bi's and abs all have to share a day? Unless chest and shoulders are weaknesses you are trying to bring up (which is really rare—most people are weaker in their backs and legs) make sure all your prime movers are getting an equal share of the work."

Comments: "You have some solid movements and you are definitely getting in a ton of volume which is ideal for packing on muscle. You would benefit from a bit more organization in your program. Why not try two upper body days (maybe built on bench press and rows one day and pull-ups and military press the other) and two lower body days (squats and glute-ham raise on the first and deadlift and lunges the next). Fill in those workouts with some accessory lifts that you are already including and you'll get bigger and more shredded than a double pulled pork sandwich. Just don't actually eat the sandwich."