Breaking up your routine is key for making continued progress in your workouts. One way to do it is to train with a buddy. In fact, you can make it a contest, with a winner and a loser. We’ve designed a routine for you and a friend in which you compete on various exercises. You’ll push each other hard, building endurance and burning fat, while getting the rush of an athlete in competition. How It Works: The workout is a circuit comprising individual exercises and team drills. The solo moves (jump rope, dumbbell swing, etc.) pit you against your buddy to see who can perform more work in the same time. In the team drills (situp with medicine-ball pass, partner leg raise with pass, etc.) you work together to beat the clock. It’s time to find out who’s fitter. Directions: Frequency: Perform the workout up to three times per week, resting at least a day between each session. Time Needed: 20-25 minutes per round. Do It: Perform the exercises as a circuit,completing one set for each in order. Rest 30 seconds between exercises. In your first workout, do only one circuit. You can add up to two more circuits as you improve. Bring a stopwatch and a log book so you can time and record the length of your sets. Each time you and your partner do the workouts, strive to beat each other’s best performance. Click here for The Buddy Workout Routine